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GCE Workshop

GCE Workshop

About the GCE Workshop:

Advances in Genetic Code Expansion (GCE) have changed the landscape of protein biochemistry. GCE is powerful but highly underused since many think it is only accessible to specialized experts. Since 2012, we have helped strengthen and expand the GCE community by creating the unique Unnatural Protein Facility at Oregon State University. At the Unnatural Protein Facility, we believe the best way to advance the GCE field is to implement the technology in as many labs as possible while making tools more robust. One of our approaches is to provide troubleshooting support to groups seeking to implement GCE. Another is to host an annual hands-on workshops for 20 researchers looking to implement GCE technology in their projects. The workshop we developed is a week-long intensive laboratory and lecture course that provides participants with the theoretical and practical knowledge to utilize existing and emerging genetic code expansion technology while working on their own project! This workshop can also provide educators with the tools needed to teach a research-based laboratory course on protein engineering using genetic code expansion at their home institutions.

For more information please visit our Genetic Code Expansion Workshop webpage.